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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Who is resposible for the cancellation of Enterprise?

When Enterprise was announced, I was living in Australia and my mother was posting over Star Trek Monthly so that I could keep up to date with its progress. At this point, it was all just chatter and it hadn't yet been cast; but the word 'Prequal' was being banded around. At that point, I had been a Star Trek fan for around 5 years and after following the continuing timeline through The Next Gen, DS9 and Voyager, I was a little disheartened, and even a tad angry that they were leaving us guessing as to what comes next and instead going back to the beginning. I felt like I had read the last page of a book first and therefore had no interest in what happened to get us to the end result.

The final announcement was one that had me lose all interest in the new show. Scott Bakula? I spotted Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap in a new type of Star Trek uniform on the cover of a Sci-Fi magazine. In the history of Star Trek, they had never before had to rely on an already known actor, especially one that was synonymous with another science fiction TV series already! And the icing on the cake? The new programme wasn't even called Star Trek! INSULT.

Sam leads the new boiler suit crew.

The show lasted longer than I had anticipated, and the initial feedback was not at all good. Listening to fans at Star Trek conventions, even to this day, it still remains the least popular of the Star Trek spin-offs.

After the show was cancelled and I had watched the existing 24th century Trek shows to death, I was given a gift of an Enterprise DVD box set by a family member (all Star Trek is the same to a non Trekker... in fact, even Star Wars is the same thing to a non Trekker!).  I watched it and was a bit 'meh,' but intrigued and starved enough to want to see season two, realising that (as with all the previous series) it takes time for a new show to find its identity.

By the time I got to season 3, I was a fan of the show and the little nods to the future of Star Trek were giving me little giddy moments.  By the time I got to the end of season 4, I felt nothing but guilt!

Admittedly, Enterprise was a late bloomer, but this was as good as any Star Trek produced so far but with a 00's modern twist. At the same time, with the Andorians, Tholians and Gorn, it captured the essence of the Original series.

Our first good look at a Tholian thanks to Enterprise

If only I had given it a chance from the start and had a little more faith in Berman and Bragga! In fact, if we had ALL stuck with it a little while longer then it would have reached 7 seasons, which in turn would have undoubtedly led to a sixth Star Trek spin off!  So who is responsible for Enterprise having a short run and Star Trek no longer being on TV? We are! So instead of complaining about its absence, give yourselves a slap on the wrist, I know I have!

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