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Monday, 3 March 2014

Welcome to my new Star Trek Blog

Hello Geeks!

As my evening job and hobby seem to collide more and more these days, it seemed logical, in typical Star Trek tradition, to do a spin off page that truly assimilated those two very different cults so here you can find 'The Best Of Both Worlds'.
As you can see, Star Trek referencing is already in abundance.

First of all, I'm fresh back from Destination Star Trek Frankfurt where I presented my self as Intendant Kira (photos to follow) and my new character '7 of 9'
Most of my weekend was taken up having pictures taken with equally enthusiastic Trek fans and even some of the actors. I also fielded many questions on where I acquired my costume and more specifically, my Borg implant accessories. To that end, I have made extra sets which you can now find on ebay (link here).

I have currently just begun a Next Generation re-watch, so many new blogs here will be gushing/ranting/squeeing over that series, episode by episode.

Aside from all that, if there's anything else you might need to know about me, hopefully you'll find it below:

My name is Misty Chance (obviously)
My real name is NOT Misty Chance (obviously)
I'm a Drag Queen based in Manchester
I Love Star Trek
I collect Trek action figures, Eagle Moss Starship Models and Cosplay the Trek women (for camp/work, not in a pervy way)
I Tweet like there's no tomorrow (@themistyshow)
What I say is usually tongue in cheek so if you're easily offended, let me know then we can argue about it.

Welcome to the page
Live Long and Prosper


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  1. I came across your blog while researching my next cosplay -- I want to do a true-B&W Arachnia for Cleveland Comic Con, in the hopes I can reprise it if make Star Trek Convention in Vegas this year!

    And I just have to say, you ROCKED Arachnia in color! And so many other getups... just had to give you a shout out, from one total Trekkie to another! I'll be following! IG: jlhanna88